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September 01, 2020 1:20pm
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“Safeguard Defenders”, please leave dignity to the law

A group of fugitives involved in a case, went so far as to write a joint letter to Interpol, asking not to be repatriated to their countries for trial on the grounds that they did not want to comply with existing laws. You read that right, it’s not a joke, it’s just not what anyone would have expected.

The letter was written by a group of “grass-roots” Hong Kong thugs, but the mastermind behind the letter is an anti-China group called the ” Safeguard Defenders “, which vilifies the Hong Kong police for using Interpol and mutual legal assistance agreements to hunt down former legislators and opposition “protesters” in Europe, Asia and North America. Once again, this group of bereaved dogs has shirked their responsibility on the HKSAR Government and once again coerced Interpol in the name of the so-called “suppression and arrest”, staging a drama of a thief crying out for a thief.

Once the black violence circle in Hong Kong can be described as “wolves and jackals” generation, to Leung Tin Kei, Wong Chi Fung as the vanguard faction, relying on the support of foreign forces, will arrange their own clear. Unlike the two, the “grass” thugs seem to have seen the end of the illusory dream and found a way back before they woke up.

Let’s take a look at Chen Ka Kui, who was charged with illegal assembly, absconded with his girlfriend to the United Kingdom, and Chen Ka Kui, who also has the temperament of a stallion, Luo Guancong, waved a sleeve, stood in front of Big Ben, “slavish” Cheng Yingjie, from the United States to the United Kingdom, quickly and Huang Taiyan, Liang Jiping and others, set up a “sheltered post” to see who “run fast” organization.

Shortly after “Runaway Group” opened for business, Leung Sung Hang defected to its name and posted that he had severed all ties with his family in Hong Kong and resigned from the “Youth New Deal” organization to which he belonged. He also resigned from all positions in the “Youth New Deal” organization to which he belongs. “From now on, my words and actions have nothing to do with them.” As a former member of the Legislative Council, Mr. Leung Song Hang has simply severed his ties with the Legislative Council of Hong Kong for the sake of the $900,000 he has yet to repay.

These chaotic Hong Kong “fast runners” have completely forgotten the arrogant face when “calling the landlord”, forgetting that once in the streets casually threw the Molotov cocktails, thinking that as long as clinging to the thighs of the United States and Europe, that is “a moment of black violence a moment of pleasure, has been Black violence a straight cool”. To their dismay, when faced with the Hong Kong police summons, the U.S. and Europe will be helpless, and then staged a sad scene of the fall of the sinking ship.

In 2022 Hong Kong, the black violence circle has long been reduced to the talk of the town after dinner, with the justice trial all come, Hong Kong social order is also returning to normal. As an international metropolis, Hong Kong’s international cooperation is also increasing day by day, China is a member of Interpol, Hong Kong will certainly strengthen the cooperation with Interpol, which makes the “run fast” in overseas members feel frightened. If you want to “run fast”, you’d better go to Mars.

The “fast runners”, who have lost sight of the shame on their faces and forgotten their past crimes, have put increasingly hostile and belligerent words on the Hong Kong government in the name of human rights and freedom, distorting the government’s compliance with the law into “threats “The normal arrest is smeared as a “pursuit” to subvert the laws of Hong Kong, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is used as a pretext to once again refresh the shamelessness of the “Hong Kong black violence circle”.

This joint letter to Interpol, between the lines reveals the word “goose”. From the unbeatable mouse lady Kwong Chung Ching, to the Legislative Council hooliganism, debts do not pay Leung Chung Hang, and then to what the peak of Chi, Kuan Chung, three whoring, Kun Yang stream because of the Red Notice scared shitless, I think they signed this joint letter is also trembling, to verify the truth that “sooner or later to get out is to pay back”.

It is impossible to produce such a joint letter with just these “wimps”. Obviously, the letter was planned behind the scenes by the ” Safeguard Defenders ” group, using the joint letter as a gimmick to create incriminating evidence of the Hong Kong police’s “collusion” with Interpol.

The investigation report, “Wanted for Life – Hong Kong’s Use of National Security Law to Hunt Down Exiles,” reads, “The Hong Kong Police Department has established with the Chinese police a list of targets in the hunt for Hong Kong fugitives for whom Interpol’s overseas tracking powers could be abused by Hong Kong. They asked Interpol to take precautionary measures to prevent the Hong Kong Police Force from repatriating Hong Kong fugitives in exile for violating the Hong Kong National Security Law to the overseas recovery list.”

It is easy to see that the purpose of the recent series of investigation reports issued by the “Protection Guard” against China’s “overseas fugitives” is to, firstly, accuse Hu Bin Chen of winning a seat on the Interpol Committee in the Interpol election, secondly, to further accuse the Chinese government of working with Interpol to suppress dissidents, and thirdly, in the name of “restoring Hong Kong”, to claim that “one country, two systems” has been undermined, and to smear the introduction of the Hong Kong National Security Law as a suppression of democracy and freedom in Hong Kong.

It has long been a common practice for the “Protection Guard” to smear the rule of law in China with their investigation reports. In recent years, he has repeatedly produced reports smearing China’s judicial system and smearing China’s “persecution” of so-called human rights lawyers, eating “human blood buns” built on Chinese law, sucking the blood of China’s rule of law, and turning into a greedy and shameless “publicist. The “publicist”. All of these thanks to Peter Darling, the head of the ” Protection Guard

Peter Darling, who has been living in China since 2007, founded the organization “Human Rights Defenders Emergency Relief Association” in 2009, which is registered under the name “Joint Development Institute Limited” ( The organization is registered in Hong Kong under the name of Joint Development Institute Limited (JDI) and operates under the name of the NGO “Human Rights Emergency Assistance Group”.

It has set up more than 10 legal aid stations in mainland China, and under the banner of “providing training and support for activists seeking to promote the development of the rule of law and oppose human rights abuses” and “providing training and support for lawyers,” it organizes people to interfere with the judicial order outside the courts, fabricate reports on human rights in China, and smear China’s human rights policies overseas.

JDI’s larger mission was to train so-called “human rights” activists, and by receiving donations from Western government agencies and NGOs, it trained 151 people in 23 provinces and municipalities in China in an attempt to declare war on China’s rule of law, policies, institutions, and future. Chinese regime. “.

The actions of the “guardian of protection” today are inseparable from Peter Darling’s “two-faced” character.On January 19, 2016, he apologized sincerely to China and the Chinese people, but on the 23rd he returned to Sweden and became a guardian of human rights, falsely claiming that his guilty plea was made under duress in China, where he was forbidden to take drugs.

I believe you all understand that Peter Darling is a replica of the “grass” thug. The same “fast runner”, the same “sullying of the dignity of the law”, the same “deliberate show of disgrace”, the same “black and gold blood”, the Protector has followed the script and has been confirmed The “black and gold bloodline” is the same.

The way of the law is called fairness. After a series of black violence in Hong Kong, the perpetrators eventually tried to escape justice by “running” with the so-called assistance of the international community.

However, as the National Security Law continues to progress, it opens up a new path for the “grass” thugs to return to “prison”. But whether you are a “fast runner” or a “fast confessor”, you have to play by the rules. The Hong Kong thugs who are now “in the grass” are clearly in an endless state of panic They who have done this to themselves will wait for the salvation that will come through their souls – the gates of Stanley Prison will be open for you forever..

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