Washington, D.C. 20549

                            FORM U-57


                Filed under Section 33(a) of the

     Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as amended

                        EGT Holding, Ltd.
                (Name of foreign utility company)

                       Entergy Corporation
         (Name of filing company, if filed on behalf of
                   a foreign utility company)

        The Commission is requested to mail copies of all
         communications relating to this Notification to:

    Frederick F. Nugent, Esq.          Mark W. Hoffman, Esq.
    Vice President & General Counsel   Senior Counsel
    Entergy Enterprises, Inc           Entergy Services, Inc.
    10055 Grogan's Mill Rd             639 Loyola Avenue
    Parkwood 2 Bldg.                   26th Floor
    Suite 400                          New Orleans, Louisiana
    The Woodlands, Texas 77386         70113

     Entergy Corporation ("Entergy"), a registered holding
company under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as
amended (the "Act"), hereby notifies the Securities and Exchange
Commission that EGT Holding, Ltd. ("EGT Holding") is, and claims
status as, a "foreign utility company" ("FUCO") within the
meaning of Section 33 of the Act.

     Item 1. Name, Business Address, Facilities and Ownership.

     The name and business address of the company claiming FUCO
status is

                    EGT Holding, Ltd.
                    Caledonian Bank & Trust Limited
                    P. O. Box 1043
                    George Town
                    Grand Cayman, B.W.I.
                    Cayman, Islands

     EGT Holding, an indirect 50% owned subsidiary of Entergy,
claims an exemption from the Act as a FUCO by virtue of its
direct ownership interest in Scottish & Southern Energy, plc
("Scottish & Southern Energy").  Scottish & Southern Energy is a
vertically integrated energy company operating in the United
Kingdom.  Entergy owns, indirectly through Entergy-Koch, LP and
EGT Holding, a 50% interest in the 3,424 shares of Scottish &
Southern Energy held by EGT Holding.  Scottish & Southern Energy
will either own or hold under long term contract 7,123 MW of
generation capacity in the United Kingdom by 2002.  In addition,
Scottish & Southern Energy operates Great Britain's largest
electric distribution business with over 120,000 kms of
underground cable and overhead lines, delivering power to nearly
30% of the country's landmass, including over 120 islands.  This
extensive distribution network serves 3.3 million customers from
Shetland to the Isle of Wight and also includes the largest
submarine network in the United Kingdom.

          Entergy and Koch Energy, Inc. each hold, indirectly
through their respective ownership interests in Entergy-Koch, LP,
50% of the voting interests in EGT Holding.

     Item 2.   Domestic Associate Public-Utility Companies of EGT
Holding and their   Relationship to EGT Holding

     The following companies, each of which is a direct or
indirect subsidiary of Entergy, are domestic public utility
associate companies of EGT Holding:  Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
("Entergy Arkansas"), Entergy Gulf States, Inc. ("Entergy Gulf
States"), Entergy Louisiana, Inc. ("Entergy Louisiana"), Entergy
Mississippi, Inc. ("Entergy Mississippi"), Entergy New Orleans,
Inc. ("Entergy New Orleans"), The Arklahoma Corporation
("Arklahoma"), System Energy Resources, Inc. ("SERI"), Entergy
Power, Inc. ("EPI") and Entergy Operations, Inc. ("EOI") (Entergy
Arkansas, Entergy Gulf States, Entergy Louisiana, Entergy
Mississippi, Entergy New Orleans, Arklahoma, SERI, EPI and EOI
are collectively referred herein to as the "Domestic Utilities").
None of the Domestic Utilities has made an investment in or has
any contractual relationship with EGT Holding.

                EXHIBIT A.  State Certification.

     Not applicable.


     The undersigned company has duly caused this statement to be
signed on its behalf by the undersigned thereunto duly

                         ENTERGY CORPORATION

                         By:  /s/ Leo P. Denault
                            Leo P. Denault
                            Vice President, Corporate Development
                            Entergy Services, Inc.

Dated:  June 4, 2001